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Utah Leather University

Have you ever been raving about your favorite pair of Weathered Brown moccasins to your friend and when she asks you what makes them so special? You tell her they're from Freshly Picked's line called the Utah Collection and they're buttery soft on your baby's feet and they look great even though he been wearing them for months. But you really don't know exactly what makes this pair so special or why they take first position in your mocc-loving heart. If that's you, here are few quick facts so you can become a leather connoisseur to the likes of Susan Petersen

• The Utah Collection styles include Weathered Brown, Salt Flats, Zion, Blue Spruce, Granite, and Beehive State. Don't feel bad if you've been hoarding Utah Collection colors in multiple sizes, they are that perfect. 

• All Utah moccasins are made from full grain leather, meaning the leather has not been buffed, sanded or corrected. As a result, the leather naturally develops a patina (a soft sheen or darkening true leather snobs are obsessed with) and looks nicer as the moccasins are worn over time. It also means the leather is soft and supple.

• The leather comes from a high quality hide with tight grain so it is more water-resistant. Because the grain remains, the leather is stronger and more durable.

• Imported from an exclusive Italian tannery which has been in business for over 20 years, the leathers are held to the most rigorous quality standards and sourced from superior animals.  

• This means a Utah collection moccasin made with Utah leather is going to amazingly soft, durable and more gorgeous over time. Which is why the Utah Collection is guaranteed to keep making leather moccasin loving parents happy.

Susan Petersen introducing the Utah Collection: