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The Importance of Soft Soled Shoes for Healthy Development of Your Baby’s Spine

As your baby transitions into toddlerhood, hitting milestones like talking, eating and walking are front and center on parent's minds. Dr. Jay Jagannathan, a neurosurgeon with experience on spine health, explains how parents can assist children's spine development as children start to walk. 

As your child begins to walk, his feet are critically important in dissipating forces related to movement as well as acting as shock absorbers at a time when most children are extremely active.  Ultimately this keeps your baby’s body balanced and aligned.

Studies have demonstrated that poor gait (or manner of walking) can lead to problems within the foot (ie plantar fascititis) and can also be linked to back pain later on in life.  Even minute changes in foot alignment or length can cause compensatory changes in the legs and back as the body redistributes weight.  This can be a predictor of more chronic disease processes such as scoliosis. 

In determining the most appropriate shoes for your child, it is important to consider one which promotes good balance and posture along with comfort. Freshly Picked soft soled moccasins can help your baby’s feet absorb shock and potentially transmit less shock to the foot, leg and back.  In addition, Freshly Picked soft soled moccasins help your baby support his feet, which may provide ankle and arch support without being overly restrictive or uncomfortable.

For these reasons, our toddler son wore only Freshly Picked soft soled moccasins when he was learning to walk and newly walking and our infant daughter wears them as well.  

Dr. Jay Jagannathan is a neurosurgeon living in Birmingham, Michigan with his wife and two children. He is fellowship trained in complex spine deformity, such as scoliosis and tumors. For more information about Dr. Jagannathan or his practice, visit his website or Facebook page.