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Why Dad Loves Freshly Picked Too   

When I first found out my wife was pregnant I had to get to the store and start shopping. I am a dad that has always been obsessed with buying clothes; not only that, but buying quality clothes that will last. I wasn’t about to change my opinion on buying quality, simply because my child would grow out of something too fast - so I started to research.

One day, while I was watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians, I saw Kourtney’s son wearing the cutest moccasins. I had to know where to get them. Soon after, I saw a friend’s daughter wearing a pair.

I asked her where she got them and she said, “A lady in Provo makes them and they’re called Freshly Picked.” I had to find said "lady" and see why the Kardashian kids were wearing them; and then had to get my hands on some myself.

Susan Petersen, founder of Freshly Picked, was working a pop-up shop in downtown Salt Lake City when we first met. When I saw the moccasins it was love at first sight. I asked question after question: "What makes these shoes so much better than any other? Why a soft sole? Are they easy to get on? Will they stay on?"

I was going to a be a new parent, and I had no clue what to expect when it comes to my child’s footwear. Susan quickly let me know these moccasins are the best because they are easy to get on, they stay on, and they are great for your child’s developing foot. I also loved the softness of the leather and knew they would stretch and give as the child moved, crawled, and walked in them. Not only that, but I loved the simple colors that they came in. We didn’t know what we were having at the time I bought our first pair, but I didn’t have to worry because I felt like any pair I was going to buy I could style to work for either sex of the baby.

Once my son was born, Freshly Picked were all that touched his feet. I loved that they really were the easiest shoes to get on. I went a little crazy buying other types of shoes for him. Other shoes were always difficult to get on his foot and would fall off; so, I would just give up and put his Freshly Picked moccasins on him instead. The stretch with the elastic around the ankle made for ease to get on his foot, then as he would rub his legs together (like most little babies do) and he never lost a single moccasin.

I feel like being a dad and caring so much about what my kids are wearing isn’t such a crazy thing anymore. Dads care, and if they could they would dress their kids; but, some of us tend to struggle a little bit in that department. Thankfully, you never have to worry because Freshly Picked provides moccasins that will go with anything you put your child in.

I get asked all the time by people, “What is it about Freshly Picked that makes you love them so much?” Well, I love that they are made of the nicest material; quality is a huge factor and they have never let me down on a defective product. If I ever have an issue, I know that their customer service is up there with Nordstrom and Costco. The workers are genuine, and Susan is one of the nicest people I have ever met.

So, when you are having a hard time trying to convince your husband to let you get another pair, or two, or thirteen, just send them my way. I promise, you are getting your money’s worth and then some when your babies wear Freshly Picked.

Jason Dunnigan is the author at The Modern Dad blog. He's the proud father of two and loves sharing his adventures in parenthood.