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How to workout with your little one!

Kaisa Keranen, M.S. Exercise Science and Instagram fitness expert, put together a workout  designed for you and your little one to do together, your child serving as your human "dumbbell!"
1. Make sure you start your workout with a good warm-up (5-10 minutes of stretching).
2. The workout is designed to be done in intervals of 30 sec. with 15-30 sec. break between each exercise depending on your fitness level.
3. You can repeat the rounds 1-4 times just depending on your available time and fitness level.
1. Step up: find a stable step/bench/stair for this movement. Holding your child around your waist step up and down leading with the same foot. 
2. Lateral lunges: Holding your child face outwards, step laterally side to side (make sure to come back to the center, both feet together, each time before you step to the other side)
3. Push-ups: Lay your child on the floor, choose your variation of a push up (on your knees or toes). The goal of these push-ups is to get low enough each time to give your child a kiss :)
4. Push press: Hold your child face outwards with your hands comfortably under their armpits. Squat down and then press your child upwards as you come up to standing. The goal for this movement is to press your child all the way up over your head until your arms are straight. 
5. Squat: If your child is old enough to squat with you great! If not, hold on to your child, again face outward and begin your squats.