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Utah Leather University

Have you ever been raving about your favorite pair of Weathered Brown moccasins to your friend and when she asks you what makes them so special? You tell her they're from Freshly Picked's line called the Utah Collection and they're buttery soft on your baby's feet and they look great even though he been wearing them for months. But you really don't know exactly what makes this pair so special or why they take first position in your mocc-loving heart. If that's you, here are few quick facts so you can become a leather connoisseur to the likes of Susan Petersen.  • The Utah Collection styles include Weathered Brown, Salt Flats, Zion, Blue Spruce, Granite, and Beehive State. Don't feel bad if you've been...

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The Importance of Soft Soled Shoes for Healthy Development of Your Baby’s Spine

As your baby transitions into toddlerhood, hitting milestones like talking, eating and walking are front and center on parent's minds. Dr. Jay Jagannathan, a neurosurgeon with experience on spine health, explains how parents can assist children's spine development as children start to walk.  As your child begins to walk, his feet are critically important in dissipating forces related to movement as well as acting as shock absorbers at a time when most children are extremely active.  Ultimately this keeps your baby’s body balanced and aligned. Studies have demonstrated that poor gait (or manner of walking) can lead to problems within the foot (ie plantar fascititis) and can also be linked to back pain later on in life.  Even minute changes in...

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Why Dad Loves Freshly Picked Too   

When I first found out my wife was pregnant I had to get to the store and start shopping. I am a dad that has always been obsessed with buying clothes; not only that, but buying quality clothes that will last. I wasn’t about to change my opinion on buying quality, simply because my child would grow out of something too fast - so I started to research. One day, while I was watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians, I saw Kourtney’s son wearing the cutest moccasins. I had to know where to get them. Soon after, I saw a friend’s daughter wearing a pair. I asked her where she got them and she said, “A lady in Provo makes them...

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How to workout with your little one!

Kaisa Keranen, M.S. Exercise Science and Instagram fitness expert, put together a workout  designed for you and your little one to do together, your child serving as your human "dumbbell!" HOW TO: 1. Make sure you start your workout with a good warm-up (5-10 minutes of stretching). 2. The workout is designed to be done in intervals of 30 sec. with 15-30 sec. break between each exercise depending on your fitness level. 3. You can repeat the rounds 1-4 times just depending on your available time and fitness level.   MOVEMENTS: 1. Step up: find a stable step/bench/stair for this movement. Holding your child around your waist step up and down leading with the same foot.  2. Lateral lunges: Holding your child...

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6 Simple (But Effective) Ways To Help Your Kids Eat a Little Bit Better in 2016

Devrie Pettit is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist who is passionate about real and practical healthy eating for the whole family. As a mother of four and co-founder of, Devrie has these tips for parents looking to improve their family's eating in 2016:  1. Set the tone: The best thing you can do is be an example. Children will pick up on that. Expose your child to a variety of healthy foods and an array of cuisines. If you are eating healthy food, they will eventually want to try. Your home is the only place that you have absolute control over. Make sure that it remains a healthy environment. There will be times when more junk enters your home and that...

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