How to Make a Chandelier

I've long since loved this West Elm capiz shell chandelier however, it was about $250 out of our price range. I was so excited last year when Brenna did a paper version chandelier tutorial on design sponge.

We started with this thrifted lamp shade. I had Chris add an extra row of wire.

Using Brenna's tutorial, we made + cut wax paper circles. Then Cami + I sewed them together on the machine.

Here is our before light. Oh mylanta, can I tell you how much I hate these lights? We took off the glass, obvi.

Then, Chris installed these hooks to the ceiling.

 He then hung the chandelier.

Here it is with the light on, wayyy better right?

And with the light off, so very pretty. Also, total cost of our chandelier, $9.

More Detailed Instructions

A video to show you  my sewing technique.

Follow up to this post here.



  • Pat

    To sharpen try using it on foil.

  • Sandy

    Did you have any trouble with the waxed circle strands tangling when wind hits it? I ask because my daughter made something similar and it tangles up when the breeze hits it and is horrible to untangle. As far as color, just apply the children’s technique of adding crayon shavings between the was paper. Our mobile done that way looks fantastic.

  • sandy

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  • Nico

    This is such a great idea of how to make a chandelier. SUper creative

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